Holiday Gift Ideas for your TTC Loved One!

A curated list of gift ideas from a fellow TTC warrior.

The holiday season is here! There are already countless gift guides circulating the internet and chances are your inbox is already flooded.

Here is my simple guide to gift-buying for your loved ones who are trying to conceive! *I receive a small commission if you buy from these links.*

1. Happy Dance CBD Bundle

No need to explain how stressful trying to conceive can be. That’s why I love these CBD products from Happy Dance! The Best Sellers bundle includes a face cream, eye cream, and the CBD/CBG hand cream. This is a perfect gift bundle to help your TTC loved one relax and feel pampered.

Best Sellers Bundle $75; SALE $60

2. Mapiful Custom Map Print

I truly love Mapiful prints and I cannot wait to decorate our future nursery with one of these! Currently, we have two of the street map prints in our family room — one with the coordinates of where we got married in St. Augustine, FL, and another with the coordinates of a special place in Knoxville, TN.

These would be such a special and timeless gift to give anyone this holiday season, but I really love the idea of getting one with a special date on it for your TTC loved ones. Mapiful is running a holiday special right now to get 15% off 2 items, 25% off 3 or more items!

Start at $59.99; get 15% off 2 items, 25% off 3 or more items!

3. Bearaby Weighted Nap Blanket

Okay, who doesn’t want one of these?! *HINT, HINT, Charles…lol*

These are the softest, chunkiest, and most cozy, yet cooling, weighted blankets on the market. Plus they are made with sustainable products?! Yes, please. This would make the perfect gift for your loved ones who are going through any fertility treatment. What a lovely way to get cozy and relax after another round of shots or another appointment with ‘Wanda’?!

There are several different sizing options, plus some body pillows which would be great for expecting mamas! I also saw a dog bed….so if you’re really looking to splurge in one spot, this might be the one.

They are offering FREE shipping on orders over $50. πŸ™‚

Starts at $269; with FREE shipping

4. Modern Fertility At-Home Tests

Hear me out, I know this seems strange. Why would anyone want to receive a medical test for Christmas? But, take it from me, we do!

Modern Fertility offers sooooooo many at-home test options and when you are TTC, every little bit helps. If your partner is trying to conceive, why not throw some trusted pregnancy kits in their stocking? Or maybe your sister is struggling with her hormones — the hormone test is such a thoughtful way to help her along. Or some ovulation kits for your partner wrapped up with some fun lingerie or loungewear? That sounds like a perfect gift to me!

I have personally taken the Modern Fertility hormone kit and loved how easy it was to do myself. Plus, you get a consultation with a nurse included with your results. It is such a great way to start looking into your options. Honestly, every one of my girlfriends who don’t have kids yet might be getting one of these for Christmas this year! Prevention is key.

Pregnancy Test Kits $14; Hormone Test Kits $129; Save $10 with my link.

5. Charcoal Cleansing Gift Set

So one thing that you may not know about the wild ride that is TTC, is but we can’t take baths. And I really miss taking baths! There are so few ways to relax and unwind when your mind is going 200 miles a minute.

This little gift set is such a sweet way to encourage a little bit of pampering! The gift set includes Charcoal Exfoliating Face & Body Scrub with Jojoba Beads,​ Charcoal Shower Gel Concentrate with Aloe Vera, and​ Charcoal Konjac Body Sponge, all in a reusable fabric gift bag. At only $31, this is a steal! Plus save an extra 10% with ARBONNE10 (no need to sign up!). I love that this set includes a shower gel instead of bath bombs. TTC approved!

Gift set $31; save an extra 10% with ARBONNE10

6. Holiday Healthy Essentials Bundle

Okay, I have to give a gift suggestion which is vitamins, you know that I do! This little trio of products kept me fueled and going all through the IVF retrieval process, the nausea of the transfer meds (hello Lupron), and even now in these early weeks of pregnancy. I am basically nauseous and dizzy 80% of the time. So in those moments when absolutely nothing sounds like it will stay down, I make a little protein shake. And at least with these drinks, I know that I’m getting in my daily protein and vitamins!

Caffeine can also be an issue while going through fertility treatments of any kind. But also, every single hormone and medication has a side effect of drowsiness, so….lose, lose. But these naturally caffeinated Fizz sticks work wonders. And this is coming from someone who used to drink 3-4 espresso shots every morning.

Whether you buy this for yourself, or someone you love — it is a win, win! (Or a win, win, win…IYKYK.)

7. Xula Touch and Soothe Balm

Oh, where have you been all my life? When I tell you that I just put this on my own personal gift list and bought three jars for some ladies in my life, I am not kidding.

There are so many reasons to love and shop these products. Xula is a black and Latina, queer womxn-owned brand focused on solving women’s health issues with plant medicine. The Touch and Soothe balm is infused with plants specifically chosen to ease pain from menstrual cramps or sore muscles.

For your TTC friends, this would be excellent to use post-exam appointments, and for those pesky implantation cramps.

cannabinoids: CBD: 600 mg CBG: 100 mg

Priced at $46; bundles available.

8. Slouchy Chunky Cardigan, Banana Republic

Doctor’s offices are cold, exam rooms are cold (especially when you’re half-naked), and hospitals are cold…basically, sweaters are a perfect gift option. And this one is super soft, super chunky, and super slouchy! All of the essential elements when choosing a sweater to live in.

Banana Republic is offering an extra up to 50% off everything right now! Plus spend $125, get $25 off.

Regular $110, now $88; other discounts applied at checkout.

9. Slouchy Pajama Set

This cozy and comfy pajama set from Banana Republic is a great gift option for your homebody friends. It comes in a variety of colors and is currently on sale for 40% off. Plus you can take an additional $25 off every order of $125.

My advice, whatever their size is, size up for extra coziness.

Regular $110, now $66; Extra discounts at checkout.

10. What Would Dolly Do?

I have to end this list with this gem of a find. Our Queen herself, Dolly. On a sweatshirt!

This is cute and cozy and even features a lovely rainbow, something many TTC people hold close to their hearts.

Pair it with one of these adorable bracelets and this gift is a winner.

Regular $85; FREE shipping at checkout.

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